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Singer,  Peter  Lemongello,  the first  artist to sell over  ONE  MILLION  ALBUMS  ON  TELEVISION is  truly  one  of  America’s  great  stage  performers working  today !   His strong, rich voice and stage personality  thrills  audiences  all  over  the  country.


Peter  Lemongello  has  appeared  on  every  major  television  show, ( 25  Tonight  Show  Appearances ) and  has  been  featured  in  every  Major  Publication  in  the  United  States  and  Europe.

His  “Unprecedented  Television  Commercial  Campaign” to  promote  his  albums, turned out to  be  the  forerunner  for  INFOMERCIALS and MTV, which is still being taught today in college marketing classes. It was the MILLION SELLER, LOVE ’76 MOOD-ROCK ALBUM that not only made him a household name, it  lead to  being the only singer ever to be on front page of “The Wall Street Journal”.  He was also named “Bachelor  of  the  Month  in  Cosmopolitan  Magazine”.  His instant fame created  sold  out  concerts  at  Carnegie Hall,  Madison  Square  Garden,  Lincoln  Center  for the  Performing  Arts,  as  well  as  countless  Head-Lining  performances  in  Atlantic  City,  Las  Vegas  and  Branson,  Missouri.


Peter  Lemongello  headlined  Atlantic  City’s  Hilton  Hotel in  2011,  and  in  2013  headlined  20 performances  at  the  Superstar  Theater  at  Resorts Hotel &  Casino in  Atlantic  City.


Although  he  made  his  fame  on  records  and television, today  he  has  developed  into  one  of  the  greatest  interpreters of  the  Great  American Songbook  in  show  business.

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